Unaware of all the possible paths available today to sell their home, sellers now more than ever need professional guidance around which direction to take, according to JBGoodwin REALTORS®. With low inventory continuing to drive up home prices, local homeowners want to determine the best way to maximize their investment when it’s time to sell.

Offering sellers more help, JBGoodwin REALTORS®, one of the most established and well-respected real estate brokerages in Central-South Texas, is introducing “EasyMove by JBGoodwin” and powered by Zavvie. Sellers can instantly see the differences between an instant cash offer from an iBuyer, a buy-before-you-sell option from a Power Buyer, or take the traditional route by listing their home on the open market to maximize their sales price and profit.

EasyMove offers local homeowners “every way to sell a home” throughout communities across the entire San Antonio, Hill Country, and Greater Austin areas. New technology from Zavvie helps JBGoodwin agent partners showcase every selling option while providing trusted guidance to local homeowners.

“Real estate startups and other corporate home buyers are offering local homeowners more choices than ever,” said Erin Cestero, President, San Antonio Division, JBGoodwin REALTORS®. “iBuyers can give sellers an all-cash offer and close very quickly. Power Buyers can help homeowners buy their next home before they sell their current one. Or a homeowner will take a traditional path by listing and selling on the open market with the help of a trusted JBGoodwin agent partner.”

“Everything begins online, but offline sellers benefit from the assistance of a JBGoodwin agent partner who provides the dependable guidance and expertise sellers want and need.”

Cestero added that because many homes are still selling for more than their list price, homeowners need to “carefully explore all their choices and find the one that's the best fit for them.”

With EasyMove, homeowners work directly with a JBGoodwin agent partner to determine which sales path makes the most sense for them. For example, an all-cash instant offer from an iBuyer requires properties in good condition that fall within a limited price range. Power Buyers gives sellers more control over their moving timeline as they buy their next home before selling their current one. And most homeowners still choose to sell on the open market because it typically results in the highest sales price and the greatest profit.

“We have guided tens of thousands of clients through real estate transactions throughout Central-South Texas,” Cestero said. “Home sellers need to know that whatever path they take, they will have the service excellence and local expertise provided by a proven team of more than 800 professionals, helping them make the best possible decisions.”

“JBGoodwin REALTORS® has been a leader in helping homeowners throughout South Texas for nearly 50 years," said Lane Hornung, zavvie co-founder and CEO. "By creating EasyMove, they continue to be a market leader by ensuring their clients have access to every option for selling a home.”

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